While some us have been silent about what’s currently going on in America, it is of utmost importance that none of us are silenced. What is happening now is not right and as citizens of this country we were founded with the beliefs that we had the right to speak our opinions. Now on this document that gave that us these rights, i.e. the United States Constitution, it did not mention anywhere that those rights only applied to certain people…or socio-economic class of people. Let that sink in for a second. Tick tick tick… This last election was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back. The civil rights movement never fixed racism. That much should be apparent from anyone with observation skills and a lack of denial. As it says in the bible Mark 4:22, “For everything hidden is meant to be revealed, and everything concealed is meant to be brought to light”. Racism was swept away under a rug like dirt. Anyone who has ever cleaned a house knows that dirt swept under a rug only accumulates to become an even bigger mess. So here we are in a bigger mess. Lets discuss the great distraction of 2017.

In this new day and age, we are fighting a war on so many different platforms at the same time. There is so much division and strife to keep us occupied that we don’t realize what is really going on.

Distraction 1: Racism. The one good thing the election of Trump has brought us was the revelation of how racist people actually are! Now I bet some of you were shocked to find out that some of your neighbors weren’t feeling so neighborly towards minorities. What we don’t realize is that it hasn’t been so long since black people had to use a separate bathroom or water fountain. Nor has it been that long since we were putting Japanese people in concentration camps. Nor that long since we were importing Mexicans to come work for us for free. Just to mention a few… So now racism is openly out there. The KKK are openly holding meetings and gatherings while we are “powerless” to stop them. Yet still, we are still unable to peacefully protest. Or sit down during the pledge of allegiance. Or walk. Or drive. Or reach for our wallets to hand over our IDs. Or be a kid. Today all of these things that would have been hidden are now able to be captured with the technology of cellular phones and hidden cameras. Now common sense would dictate that we restructure the police force and invest in a better training program. That way we could eliminate some of the officers that aren’t able to keep their gun holstered in a “high stress” situation…like going to check on a reported noise complaint of a teenager’s party. Now in other situations where it actually is necessary to fire your police weapon…rubber bullets prove effective to stop a “criminal” without actually killing them… Food for thought.

Distraction 2: Trump. Trump is a huge distraction. He has created a whole separate entity of the “white house” to issue his own version of the news because as it stands, any truth the news is actually giving us he calls “fake news”. He has been behaving as erratic as half of us knew he would. You, not us, voted for a man without experience, without political background, without any decency/couth, without any knowledge of real American lives, and who actively uses his Twitter account…because that’s professional. He was also the star of his own reality show but that’s neither here nor there. He has actively said contradictory statements and switched up his “political” stances many times. He is a prime example of capitalism. You voted for him thinking he was thinking about you but in reality, if you are not rich and don’t make him money…then no he is absolutely not thinking of you. Or your healthcare. Oh you thought he was going to make it affordable? Well according to the long list of pre-existing health conditions even a common “condition” such as acne…which most people get in their teens, exempts them. Another pre-existing condition is pregnancy, so your own mother and wife are at a loss. Women were at a loss before the reformed health care bill when they eliminated planned parenthood which had a majority of patients there seeking affordable birth control. Mind you that at the end of this bill there is no exemption clause that states this doesn’t apply to white people or people that voted for Trump. So we are all in the same boat. Oh and he’s friendly with Russia’s communist Putin who congratulated him on his election victory. (Russia is that one country that we had that long cold war with…who has never befriended any of our previous predecessors. Just FYI.) He dropped bombs on several occasions already in different countries and do you think he is going to be the one on the frontline of the war he is trying to instigate? He also conveniently FIRED the head of the FBI…so now there’s no one to actively investigate his activities. This is supposed to make America great though? Fire anyone who could provide any checks or balances…great pick guys…yeah and he appointed a known KKK member to the Supreme Court and that guys going to be in there until he dies. So much for fairness and equality when that guy has an obvious bias towards certain people.

Distraction 3: Religious Persecution. So you ever took the SATs? Christians are to Christianity as Muslims are to Islam. Do you understand that relationship? All Muslims aren’t terrorist just as all Christians aren’t missionaries. Also, according to that document referenced above that states we are supposed to have the freedom of religion, that means anyone can worship or not worship whomever they choose. Now the freedom to practice whatever religion was important to the United States because at the time when they included that “freedom of religion” they were still aware of a time and place when you were not able to practice the faith of your choosing. You couldn’t be a Protestant in Catholic England or vice versa, the penalty? Often times it was death. So if you had ever heard of “Bloody Mary” you can probably figure out how she got her name. Now history occurs in cycles and in order to break the cycle, you have to know your history! Recall the Holocaust? That was the horrific genocide conducted by Adolf Hitler that killed millions of Jews. Jews are people that believe in Judaism. Jews are to Judaism as Muslims are to Islam as to Christians are to Christianity. Muslim people aren’t all evil. They are not a “race” of people. They all don’t “look alike” and they all don’t hate America. They are being depicted in an unflattering light that does not actually represent the reality. In fact, you may be shocked to find out they are also human just like you and like you, they have their own families that follow their own belief systems.

Here are some quick facts for you:

-there’s over a billion Muslims who live in Europe, Asia, Africa and yes you guessed it, right here in North America

-there’s 44 Islamic countries in the world

-the religion goes all the way back to Abraham…you might remember him from other religions such as Christianity and Judaism…we all started at the same place…hmmmm….interesting…

Now is the moment you have been waiting for…

The great reveal: What are they distracting us from???

-While you were busy being segregated by race and religion…they are also working to separate us by class making the rich richer at the same time the poor more poor

-They are trying to shift us away from a democracy/republic government and in place create an autocracy/aristocracy, hence the removal of any checks or balances to keep the power from being centralized

-By keeping us in a constant state of fear we become sheep, sheep are easier to control and broke sheep don’t have the resources to fight back

-By keeping us divided we are unable to come together and make any real changes or amendments to the damage/havoc they are creating, so they further intensify the divisions

-Also global warming is real… super real. When you look at the global temperatures over the last thousands of years, which scientist have deduced from ice cores found on Antarctica you will see that it’s normal for the earth to gradually cool and heat up over time but that changed… There was a drastic increase in temperature in 1945. Why that year in particular? Well that just happens to be the year that atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Ever since then we have exponentially been increasing the temperature of the earth and killing the ozone layer which actively protects us from the solar radiation.

Have I missed anything else? Probably and that should frighten you. You claimed he wouldn’t have any real power/effect in your lives, you claimed he would look out for you and you claimed he was the right man for the job. Still waiting to see any progress towards “Making America Great Again” … What’s important now is that we don’t forget or get disillusioned into thinking he is just another fat cat. He is a fox. While you are busy mourning your loved ones who are killed in the streets by the police or being deported or losing their jobs/healthcare or being racially stereotyped based upon their faith, he is methodically changing the entire system so we will not be able to depose him nor cease any of the policies he has been eager to create. Money is the root of all evil and he has plenty of it to use in order to make sure things go according to his plans. It is crucial for us all to stay woke because this is only the beginning and in this instance, I would hate to be the one who in the end was able to say, “I told you so.”

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