“Unlucky” Friday the 13th

In the spirit of Friday the 13th, let’s explore the beginnings of why the days the 13th lands on a Friday is considered to be unlucky. Now the common myth is that during the medieval period Pope Phillip IV arrested and killed hundreds of the Knights Templar which was said to have happened on the 13th that landed on a Friday in October of 1307. That unease with Friday the 13th doesn’t appear to have happened until much later in history though. Now the number 13 was always believed to be unlucky in many different cultures and civilizations. Friday has also been considered to be an unlucky day. So I guess it’s no wonder that when an unlucky number falls upon an unlucky day that people would want to hide inside their homes and not venture out into the world! Another belief is that the unluckiness comes from the 13 disciples that surrounded Jesus right before he was executed on Good Friday. So again, 13 and Friday coming together in an inauspicious manner.


So since most of the facts of the origins about Friday the 13th seem to be speculative, it can be reasoned that there isn’t an actual curse on the date at all. Though presumed inauspicious, there isn’t a lot of terrible of events that back up the unluckiness of those days. I’d like to think that people make a day in a manner they see fit. If you believe that you will have a terrible unlucky day, then you will. You will subconsciously be making disastrous decisions all day. Thereby fulfilling your own prophecy that you created for the day ahead of you. Today was a good day for me. Nothing happened unusually and the day really could’ve been a Tuesday for all I knew. So next time we get another Friday the 13th . . . live it like you would if it would have been any other day. Don’t let myth and obsolete social traditions ruin what would be a perfectly normal day! 


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Note: Not all cultures see Friday the13th as an unlucky day. In Greece and some Hispanic countries, it’s Tuesday the 13th, while in Italy it’s Friday the 17th.

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