Universally Correct?

When you take a look at the things from the perspective of capitalism, it would appear that the easiest way to make more money would be to quickly manufacture the same thing in mass quantities. Technological advances in machinery and technology enhance our capabilities to produce those items and circulate them to millions of people. Things have drastically changed since the industrial revolution. Before, the effort to create or manufacture was done by human hands. Someone had to personally create the fabric, dye the fabric, cut the fabric and sew it together in order to make a piece of clothing. Fast forward . . . this same seamless process that we have created toys, packaged food, or household products we are trying to do to people.


Let that sit in.

Humans are not meant to be manufactured. People were not all meant to do the same things. As much as I’d like to “grow up” to be a basketball player, I was just not meant to do that. I’m too short. Not everyone was meant to work a 9-5. The toil of working in a cubicle on monotonous, unmeaningful things isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Sip on. That being said, we can’t all be fortunate to do nothing and have everything handed to us on a silver platter. Before the days of hierarchy and class systems people worked together to gather food and survive. That was all that was required of them. To not do so was starvation. Granted a lot of good has come out of the free time that was alloted those who were not required to hunt or gather food such as medicine and art. It is just when those with the free time were given so much power that those working ants in the system are doomed to work until their demise.


Nothing is forever.

Changes occur and nothing is forever. Even though the Romans built their roads to last, alas their empire did not. Humans are not universal. Creating a hive of worker bees does not add any longevity to the system that is set up to be against the creation of the workers. Do not be sheep. Do not become universal. Be the object that is hand-crafted. One of a kind. Made with love and care. That one object that is flawed and doesn’t match any other object.



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