Roscoes Chicken and Heaven

Greetings from food heaven! Sooooo by now you have probably gathered that I, along with other traits/occupations am what they call a “foodie”. You can identify a foodie in a general conversations pretty easily. Just bring up a local food paradise and this person’s eyes will light up with excitement!  We may even start drooling before your very own eyes! You can almost bet that within the next few days or weeks we will go take a gander at the so mentioned food. If it’s good, we will probe your food knowledge of other haunts we can frequent! Now I enjoy healthy food as much as the next health nut (in a good way) but if I’m going to cheat for some extra calories, I’m going to do it on something my stomach can really appreciate!

Now this year for my birthday I decided to spend the weekend in sunny Southern California. After getting my chi together at the beach it was time to get me some good eating. Well I couldn’t leave LA without going to Roscoe House of Chicken and Waffles! Now I have a confession…I have never eaten chicken and Waffles before… I know, shocking right! In my defense, I was waiting until I could eat it somewhere where I know it would be legit. I.e., Roscoe or somewhere in ATL. So now for my official review…

I literally have nothing negative to say about Roscoe’s!!! I ordered a thigh, waffle and side of mac & cheese. The chicken was so expertly seasoned that I ordered another piece to cram inside my stomach. The waffle was light, buttery and delicious. I almost cried in delight. Even the sweet tea was so good, I ordered one to go! Now I’m not usually one to buy souvenir clothes but I bought a shirt! This was a day I wish I had a few more stomachs so I could taste everything on the menu! I will most definitely be back SoCal so until then I will keep the most fondest memories and tell everyone who is anyone about the deliciousness that is Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles.

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