Busy bodies aka Haters

As sad as it is, some people just can’t help but be in someone else’s business. I’m sure you just thought of at least 3 people you know personally. Now some of those individuals like to just know everything, others want to know so they can gossip and others have nothing else going on so they need to create things. Well in my experience, some of these people for reasons beyond my comprehension don’t want others to succeed or have something better than them. I have found it is better to not tell these individuals about what I have going on in my life. Sure, they are smiling in my face but as soon as I turn around they are wishing my failure. That negative energy they are sending your way is very undesirable. I mean seriously, they could put the idea of failure in your head and thus you never attempt or succeed. You have to really be wary about letting the “negative Nancy’s” become too involved with your current events. They can’t sit around jinxing what they don’t know is going on. I want people around who are going to be supportive and tell it to me like it is. They are happy for my success and sad at my losses. We all wish each other the best because that’s what a friend does. Someone who doesn’t want what’s best for you isn’t your friend and nobody needs someone like that tampering with their success.

Choose your company wisely.


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