The Golden Rule

I decided from living in this world and noticing a change in the younger generations that it is imperative that someone set out to do a series on common sense things that have honestly stop being common. What we assume children are learning while they grow up and become part of the common knowledge has become lost somewhere. So for the next few days I will post a blog everyday about a different thing that we all assume is common knowledge but is not common any longer.

Today’s topic is the “Golden Rule”. This was something most of us should have learned in kindergarten. The philosophy behind the golden rule goes way back, probably from the beginning of our species. The golden rule is quite simple. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Example of this is the Code of Hammurabi created in Mesopotamia which states “Eye for an eye”. Meaning, you poke out someone’s eye, you should have your eye poked out too. The bible urges you to do unto others as you would have done to you. In every religion, every culture you can find an example of the teachings that you have to be a good person to others if that is how you expect them to treat you.

Since the golden rule has been around always you would assume that it would definitely qualify to be a prime example of common sense. So I don’t know where the teaching of the golden rule was lost but people these days are out of control on a global scale. If more people followed the golden rule we wouldn’t have prejudice, racism, terrorism, and most crimes people are out here committing. No one wants to be judged, robbed, beaten, killed, raped, shunned, or forced to do/be something they don’t want to. Well wouldn’t you know it, we have had the formula for world peace this whole time! Please parents be sure to teach this to the children because for a couple of generations now, we have let that slip!

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