Stranger Danger

Number two in my common sense series is, do not talking to strangers. The first thing you tell a little kid in regard to public safety is don’t talk to strangers. Why? It’s dangerous. Now as an adult talking to strangers is unavoidable. So when it comes to being an adult, it’s not so much as “don’t talk to strangers” but more like “be careful when talking to strangers”. You don’t know who that person is, what their state of mind is, or what their intentions are. So while having a conversation you might want to avoid tell them your address, travel plans, identification information, that you’re alone, or your financial information. Haven’t you guys ever seen the First 48? “Grownups” get snatched up and killed every day! So while you think you’re safe because you’re over 21, you are highly naïve! Even if you don’t get physically assaulted, if you go around telling strangers you will be in Guam for the next two weeks. Don’t be surprised when you get back to find your house was robbed. Also, telling people the amount of money in your pocket tells them the amount of money they could have in their pockets! Light bulb on! Be aware of the personal information you disclosed, know your surrounds, and be careful, you never know who the people you meet are.

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