Elderly Love

Third in my common sense series is respecting your elders. Wow. That’s all I can say. Some of these children these days are incredibly disrespectful! Like seriously. They think they can say and behave towards adults any kind of way. For example, there was a video that went viral a while back of this little child going off on a cashier at a convenience store. Besides using vulgar language, the child called the lady all kinds of insulting names, and threatened her. From a child, that is just unacceptable. I can’t even imagine doing half the things children are doing. I remember being explicitly told how to behave and talk to adults when I was a child. The option of doing other wise . . . no there was no option. The idea of respect was ingrained in me. I was a better child outside the house than I ever was inside it. If I had a problem with an adult, I would voice my opinion but only in a way that was respectful. If that didn’t work well I’d let my mom or dad know about that motherfucker and let them take care of it. Why? Although the child version of me had to hold all my elders with respect, it was my parents that would be the voice of justice. I don’t know if all of these behaviors are a direct correlation of television and the explosion of media to the brains of the little ones . . . but oh my goodness, the television is not going to teach the children respect.

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