Litter Bugs And Little Bitty Piggies

Have you been in a public restroom lately? It’s platinum disgusting, which bring me to my next common sense topic. I was always taught as a common courtesy to clean up after myself. Everywhere I went. That means at home, in my friend’s house, outside, in public places, etc. I used to have an ex with the philosophy that if he didn’t litter or clean up after himself well he wouldn’t be giving those who cleaned anything to do at work. Wow. That baffled me. Like why make the jobs of others 100 times more difficult? From someone who did her time working at Burger King while I was in school let me just tell you I had plenty to do without the help of people throwing their trash on the floor, smearing ketchup all over the seats and letting their children finger-paint on the tables with their ice cream. Back in my childhood days if I even thought of doing something so wasteful and destructive I got snatched up real quick. I would look at the parents like are you going to stop your child’s destructive behavior and they just shrugged as if they weren’t the parents or didn’t have time to deal with their children. You have a big responsibility as the parent to teach children not to damage property, litter their garbage everywhere and respect the property of others.  So going back to the public bathrooms, it’s not hard to put your garbage in the trash, not leave your bloody tampons on the floor (SERIOUSLY), and generally not leave the whole place looking like a tornado hit is so when I go in after you I don’t need a hazmat suit.

Then when you’re at someone else’s house, have respect for them and their property. This person so graciously invited you into their sanctuary and you are not their child. They shouldn’t have to go around after you picking things up, wiping things down, and cleaning like a maid. Remember them days when guests even offered to help clean up? Time flies but the courtesy of cleanliness shouldn’t fly away with it.

Littering. There’s a fine for littering for a reason folks. There’s only one Earth. Please put your garbage in the trash cans. Don’t keep tarnishing our planet and killing off our plants and animals with your garbage. This is just ridiculous. Everyone just expects others to come behind them and take care of things that really wouldn’t be so difficult to handle properly the first time. It’s less effort for you to wait until you got to the gas station to throw all the garbage out your car than it is for the city to round up a crew, pay someone to drive and oversee them out on the streets, and to have them pick up all the random things that were thrown out of car windows.

If you don’t want to leave things the way they were when you found them, then leave them better.

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