Logic or Love

The line between your heart and your head can often blur. The decision to listen to one or the other sometimes can be quite difficult. Logic or love. Who do you listen to? Some of you might say always follow your heart. The problem behind always following your heart is that sometimes love is blind and that blindness can lead you to doing things that are completely irrational and those things may not pay off. Then on the flip side, those who would always follow your mind can miss out on the things that the path of love can take you.

As it would seem, everything in life comes down to a choice; Red or green, black or white, yes or no, to be or not to be, and to do or not. There is no fool proof way to make decisions. There is no ultimate coin that can direct you to the correct way. You just have to choose what you think is best and accept the consequences of that decision. We all have to take responsibility of the outcomes, accept them and then try not to regret the decisions we’ve made. So it would seem that life is just one long string of decisions and consequences. That’s at least what my head says. My heart would have me believe it is a great journey that will take me from experience to experience. The truth, probably lies somewhere in between the two but I guess I will eventually find out or maybe not. Who knows . . .

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