Do Scorpios Have Feelings?

Recently I had a conversation with someone and the topics of horoscopes were brought up. This person, a Sagittarius (EW . . . no offense),  pretty much told me that I had no feelings and that all scorpios don’t have feelings. Scorpio oh scorpio . . . Where do I begin with us? I will just focus on our feelings first. If you ask me right now if I have any “feelings” my answer for you is absolutely not. Nope. Not one feeling. Feeling is for the weak, and I’m titanium. Now for the truth. No, I didn’t just blatantly lie to you but the existence of any of these said “feelings” are buried underneath my cool, calm exterior. Scorpios are water signs and being a water sign means we actually have a lot of feelings. SO MANY FEELINGS . . . but half of them we aren’t even aware about. I can sit around feeling “some kind of way” all day and not even know why. That’s probably what begins the “over-analyzing” time that we have a tendency to do frequently. So although you may be witness to actions of my strong emotions such as anger, the actions of my weaker emotions such as fear or sadness, never will be seen. We have pride for days and looking weak in front of others? Nope, not going to happen. Only a few people are privy to that sort of stuff and even then, the events don’t happen very often in front of them. So there you go. Yes we have feelings and no you can’t see them. Now you know. I keep it 100 with you guys. Everything raw, uncut and unfiltered.


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