Getting “old”

I’m somewhere in that awkward stage between spring chicken and summer hen. Ugh. Getting old. I still feel like the same spring chicken I was 5 years ago but the only differences so far are if I don’t work out for a week I’m fat, people are always asking why I don’t have children/husband and my bones creak. Yeah. I’ve had 2 gray hairs and the pressure to “have it all together” is on 100. The wish for a time machine has increased dramatically while the belief that one will be built has equally decreased. I’ve started to shift away from the Forever 21 and moved toward Express. My high heel collection has increased and the amount of them that are comfortable to wear has definitely increased. More men with children approach me for dating purposes and I find myself looking for men that have qualities that I could see myself with long term, no luck so far. Random tangent, I know I’m older now, but I don’t know if I want to become a “mom” figure overnight. Geez. It’s damn near impossible these days to find someone over 25 who’s not a complete wreck without babies. Anyways, it’s like even though I’m “older”, I still enjoy going out and dancing, playing, video games, sports, rollerblading and doing the same things I’ve done like my entire life. Like I feel the exact same, and thanks to good genes and taking adequate care of myself I still have relatively the same body. I took my dog rollerblading earlier and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I still watch Family Guy, Cleveland Show, American Dad, Futurama, etc. I feel like there are no set behaviors you have to do once you passed the age of 25 and the pressure to conform to this is pretty intense. I understand I won’t be young forever but I’m not going to just stop doing the things I love to do because I passed some magical number. Apparently I’m always going to be a rebel . . . and then maybe a cougar . . . just kidding . . . for now . . .


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