Draft Day

Well I’m a little late on this one but whatever, here we go. I was avoiding doing important stuff and scrolling through the HBO On Demand movie menu when I came across a movie called Draft Day. As an avid NFL watcher and a die-hard Eagles fan, I was immediately intrigued. The movie was about how the general manager of the Cleveland Browns was going to handle a pretty rough draft that was coming up. The Browns weren’t doing too well as a team and with the loss of the previous GM, who was also the father of the current GM, the guy had his hands full. I knew a lot went into the process of drafting prospective athletes but to see it from the inside out was pretty fascinating. There was a lot of pressure on him to pick the best player that would have the ability to take them to the super bowl. The guys in charge of scouting all had their personal opinions, the head coach was very vocal, the players were pretty vocal, and of course, the owner of the team. With all these outside pressures on him, he had to figure out who would be the best and work with the other GMs around the league to make deals that would lead them all to a winning season. I found myself emotionally involved in this movie. Watching him weed out who the best players would be, standing behind the decisions he’s making even though they all think he was making a mistake, and watching how the draft was affecting the players that were chosen or not. Seriously I gained a lot of insight. I thought a lot of the 2014 draft where Cleveland was making all those radical trades and moves. We all thought Manziel would be picked 1st but while we sat there watching there must have been so much going on behind the scenes. So many deals, trades, and with only 10 minutes on the clock the pressures were probably out of this world. On another note, I also thought about Chip Kelly and him gaining GM control this draft where he radically changed the Eagles line-up. He’s taking a big gamble to change the team into what he thinks will become a winning team and if it all pays off, he’s a genius. However if not . . . Well that’s would be a completely storyline for a different kind of movie. Back to this movie, it’s definitely interesting and I think every NFL fan should go check it out.

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