Becoming Le Rae

One of the key aspects of being a person who’s interested in anthropology is that you have to have a strong curiosity for the human species and culture. What makes people do what they do? What behaviors or emotions create norms of a society? Etc. Example: Some figured out that they could cultivate crops and plant them in order to yield more abundance…boom…now people are farming. The invention of farming then allows people to feed themselves more successfully in one area which leads to people going from hunter gatherers to living in villages. So fascinating… People are fascinating creatures.

So this curiosity eventually led to me to do an experiment in my life, which is still in progress and I will be updating you about periodically. So the premise of my experiment I guess you can say was the age all question of whether names/words had any weight and whether you became your name…or you were you whether you were called your own name or any other name for that matter. Scientist have proven in lab test that what you say has an effect on the environment around you so there does a rose by any other name still smell as sweet?

Recently I just moved to an entirely different city, so I decided maybe I will go by a different name to the people I just met and see if the way they treated me was any different or whether I behaved differently just based on the different usage of name. Now before you go lecturing me on the dishonesty of fake names blah blah blah…. SCIENCE. Maybe I just liked having a little air of mystery about me. Hell if I know. Anyways, I couldn’t be somewhere as cool as California with just a regular name. (Pauses to put on the stunner shades).

Now I was a bit conflicted at first because how can I begin to define who the hell Le Rae is if I really don’t feel like I’ve ever got to explore my first name?!?!? More questions than answers. Then I came up with a plan…. So I created a tinder with the new said name and every date I’d go on, I’d be Le Rae. Just to see what happens. Now to most people my first name is a nickname, Crissy. Crissy was fun. Crissy was “out of control”. Crissy was Crissy. Are Le Rae’s fun? Do people take Le Rae more serious? Like did Le Rae have her life together? I’m not going to lie, I haven’t quite figured out how exactly I’m going to do a baseline to test my hypothesis which is, the way in which a society views the attributes of a person with a certain name, tends to be how those individuals grow up.

I think about how in Roots, Kunta Kinte stresses the importance in remembering your name because that is who you are…. “Toby” is broken and “Kunta Kinte” is a warrior. If he was to forget his name, then he would forget who HE was. So I looked up my name and courtesy of the urban dictionary (not the best source but tells you generally was the “average” person might think) and found all the attributes that I would definitely identify with wild, crazy, fun, “sexy” bitch… lol… But like is that really who I am? Or is that what I was groomed to be? When I looked up Lerae I found attributes I also identified with intelligent, caring, great sense of humor, great friend. So I sat back and thought about it….. when I was Crissy people weren’t comfortable with Crissy being smart or Crissy reading books or Crissy caring about anyone but herself. Like people perceive Crissy to be bourgeois, vain, and shallow… So any time I would display any characteristics contrary to their popular belief it was like they would step back like they were unable to digest Crissy being more than Crissy. So I would toy around with some of those more undesirable characteristics to see pretty much what I could get away with. Nothing major but I would say certain “Crissy” things like about my appearance or whatever and people would be like oh man Crissy just trying to get a compliment. What? Yo I’m totally not vain. I spend very few moments in mirrors. So shrug but apparently that’s what people think “Crissy’s” are like…

So now the anthropologist in me is curious and I experiment with my life. I’ve been on some crazy dates so far and Le Rae is not getting any side eyes when she says she prefers the books over a movie or that she loves to watch star trek or any philosophical conversation I have about vibes/auras which are totally a thing and I have to share that and much more with you guys… I’ve only been here so far for about 2 months and have gone on way more dates than I ever had in the last 5 years of living in Texas. After telling my friends of all the shit shows I’ve been going through they suggested that hey…..people would get a kick out of my escapades…Crissy escapades…lol so stayed tuned… more coming soon. All blogs related to this will be in “Becoming Le Rae” with a sub title to distinguish it from another… Hope you guys enjoy! Please share your thoughts and ideas below and also share these with your friends.

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