Fresh Start Before You Hit The Next Button

When are you ready to move on? The million dollar question that no one else can answer for you. We all go through so much in our lives that it’s hard to put the brakes on things like the pursuit of love in order to get your mind right. That way you can be better prepared and mentally able to be in a healthy relationship. I’m sure you have heard the old wives tale that it takes the same amount of time you invested in another before you can fully get over them. That’s a good rule of thumb but not always a truth. Like everything in life, it all depends on the different factors such as how much you emotionally invested, how the relationship was, how it ended, etc. For me, I feel like I’ve been in a constant rebound rotation. After a break-up, within two weeks I was already going on dates with others or entertaining the text messages of others. The hardest thing it seems to be single, especially when you feel the need to fill that void. Although it’s so hard, it ultimately will make any future relationship a lot better. Heal so you can be a better partner.

What can you do in the meantime? Find a new hobby. Exercise and get back in shape. Set yourself some personal goals you can focus on to take your mind off of the need to fill the void your ex has left you with. Read through a book list. Etc.

What you are going through is something we all face and as hard as it is to be alone, it’s worse to sabotage any new relationship due to the scars of an old one.

What are the different ways you get through relationships? Comment below!

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