C Moneyisms: Crystal Power

C Moneyisms. I’ve always been a rock aficionado. Ever since I was a little kid, I had a rock collection. So, when I came into a dark period in my life and felt like I needed something to protect myself, I came across the properties of obsidian. Obsidian has always been one of my favorites. It is volcanic glass that is created when the magma is cooled down at a rapid rate. It’s comes in a variety of colors and another thing that is neat about it is that the edges it creates at its fractures are sharper than the blade of a surgeon’s scalpel. Pretty and potentially dangerous. I felt like I had a lot in common with it and it spoke to me. Now it became a part of my bedtime ritual to have it on or beside me because it’s said to protect the person who has it from negativity, whether it be theirs or someone else’s ill will toward them by absorbing it, it helps opens the 3rd eye to truths, helps with grounding, and it blocks psychic attacks. So, it was the perfect protective shield for me while I was lost trying to find my way. For years this was all I needed, and it wasn’t until relatively recently the world of crystals opened up for me. Now as I said, I had been collecting rocks and crystals since I was a child, but I had no idea of the healing properties that lie in the very rocks I collected because I thought were interesting or beautiful.


I began to look up more crystals and see what effects they had on others such as quartz, citrine, carnelian, aventurine, etc. I went to the store Earthbound one day and found a pouch of crystals that were said to relax and ease the minds of the person who had it. I placed those beside my bed. Always the scientist I would check in on myself periodically to see if indeed these simple stones had any real effect on my person. It wasn’t until I decided that I wanted to wear obsidian that I found a necklace with the strongest piece of obsidian I had ever felt. Each crystal has its own vibrations, and each feels different. They make me feel different. I had to figure out what about this obsidian in particular that made it so very powerful. Apparently, there’s a way to super charge the crystals. I was fascinated. So I begin to get a few more and super charge them to see if they would have any real effects on my mood, life, etc. Thus, the C Moneyisms were born. If these things that were so small, and so beautiful could offer their healing energies to me, how could I keep something like this to myself?


Now before you completely dismiss the ideas of crystals and their power, note that humans have been using crystals since the beginning of civilizations. They recognized the properties that came from the earth and were utilizing them since ancient times back when we as a species was still grounded to the Earth. These days many of us are not grounded and that lack of being ground causes a lot of lost confusion for many of us. Not many of us are as they say, “woke”. Though what you don’t realize is that you are using a means of crystal technology right now. What do you think silicon is? The ones in your phone or computer allow you to input information and data for your communication and browsing needs. Like I said there’s many different properties to the different crystals and powered with that information the scientist in me decided to see if I could make a difference in the lives of my loved ones around me.


Now for Christmas I decided to supercharge custom crystals and give them to everyone to really see what would happen. Always the scientist. I determined what everyone was truly after in life and I decided to give them a crystal to see if I could help them manifest their truest desires whether that was love, success, harmony, adventure, creativity, etc. Asking them occasionally if they noticed any real differences in how they felt, did they have more energy, were they able to focus better, etc. in order to gauge if they were having any true effects. I mean if not, they still received a nice gift from me, and if so, all their dreams would come true and then I’d have a nice inner circle of happy people. So far so good. Regardless of whether the crystals work or not, just having that belief and confidence that they will attain their goals really goes a long way. The power of manifesting your destiny comes from the faith and energy you put into it. You cannot half ass ask for something from the universe because you receive what you put out. Now I have crystals all around my house that I feel are inspiring me to commit to the things I am trying to manifest. I feel like I’m inspired and I’m watching the people around me grow as people and it’s truly inspirational.

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