Omg I died in my dream, now what?

So with an open mind, I pay attention to the signs around me. These can be intuitive feelings, reoccurring messages/numbers, and of course dreams. Dreams are little messages our subconscious uses to communicate with ourselves. By analyzing your dreams you can begin to understand yourself, your fears, your ambitions, your loves, etc.

One of the scariest dreams to have is the dream of dying. I have had a few dying dreams and they are quite terrifying. My fear in the dream is usually not the fear of death however but a fear that I have things that I still have left to do. I’m afraid to leave without having done everything that it is that I need to complete. Whatever that is…

I always look up the meaning of dreams. Before I used a book, now I can just google. So in particular self-death dreams symbolize a transformation of oneself. The transition from one part of life to another; physically leaving one part of life and moving on to another one. It could also mean leaving behind a habit, person, way of life, etc. Generally speaking, its a positive dream to have because it’s a sign that you are evolving. It doesn’t mean you’re time is come or coming. Nor does it mean that someone else’s time is come or coming.

Knowing that doesn’t make the dream any less scary or harrowing while you’re experiencing it but I’m relieved that good things are coming as I leave behind what no longer serves me for a brighter future.

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