I want to Manifest a better life, where do I start?

The river flows and although the river has no idea where its going, it knows its going to end up somewhere. Kind of like life. The key to having some say in your flow is knowing where you want to end up. Now before you get tied down trying to figure out the “how”, don’t worry. You don’t need to figure out the how, you just have to know where you want to end up.

The new craze of manifestation, vision boards, and positive affirmations is not just some fad. Like a fad, most of you will attempt this once or twice only to move on to the next big thing. The people who stick with it will end up where they wanted to be, where ever that may be…

For me it all started with my vision board. I went to a half price book store and bought a whole bunch of old magazines with stuff in it that appealed to me. I invited some friends over and armed with the scissors and glue we got to cutting. Now there is no guidelines for your vision board because well this is your vision after all. Some people cut and glue, some cut all the pictures then glue…some people like their board organized, some people like a collage. Its all up to you. This is your future you are glueing. Nothing is too grand for your vision board. Whatever you put down, you have to want it; whatever it is that that may be. The more specific you are the better because then you are better able to envision your future which brings you closer to your future. Thus it begins with a vision.

After the vision i went ahead and put up some positive affirmations. It helps me to remind myself to think positively about myself and my life. It helps refocus myself if i forget and let some of that self love go away. It helps me to remind myself like hey bitch, you’re awesome and you are going to have a great day. What you think might be silly is working me to become the person id like to be that lives in that world i created on my vision board. So write down whatever you need to remind yourself that you’re awesome and life is beautiful. One of mine is something super simple, “Smile”. Its amazing what the physical act of a smile can do for your mood. Sometimes when I forget and get into a grumpy mood…I’ll come across a smile note in my house as a reminder to fix my attitude. Which it usually does!

Lastly but definitely not least. Manifest. Here’s where you put your energy. You have to want it, you have to put it out there that that is something you want. You have to envision yourself in this life. You have to feel, smell, touch, hear, and see this life you are trying to flow to. Meditate about it. Dream about it. Tell yourself it’s what’s in store for you and believe that one that is where you will be. Then be patient, because little by little, life will begin to align you to that place that you have been longing to flow to.

One of mine for example is moving to California. 3 years ago i wrote “California” on my vision board and 3 years later, my lease was up and i was determined to move. I was living in Texas at the time and had no idea how i was going to get here. I had no job here, no family, no friends but i knew this is where i wanted to be. It wasn’t the smoothest of moves but I gathered my belongings and left. I had a few setbacks trying to find a job and finding somewhere to live but eventually everything turned out okay. I got a job in the field I wanted and to my surprise I had no trouble finding friends. The things that I assumed weren’t actually setbacks but they were just paths that were not for me. Such as getting laid off from my job in Texas at Verizon. If I had never been laid off, I might never have had the gaul to leave everything and everyone behind for the life I wanted to live.

Any great manifestation stories? Comment below!

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  1. Okay LOVEEE the river analogy. YES!! We don’t have to control everything but simply set the intention. Like sailing a ship we know the direction so we put the sails in the right position and trust. Sometimes it is easy to become obsessive with manifesting which always blocks the abundance. I really needed to read this so thank youu!!

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