Prep to save!

These days there is a great convenience to eating out in restaurants and taking meals out. You save time, effort, energy, and can eat delicious food with minimum energy. Unfortunately when doing this, you are most of the time not aware of the amount of calories you are consuming and wasting lots of money you could be spending on other things. I realized I was wasting sooooo much money buying lunches every day at work instead of bringing it. Then I was going out to dinner, going to get drinks, and consuming so many unnecessary calories. I tried to make lunch before going to work and not being a morning person, I was often late. After I tried to make my lunches before going to sleep which worked for a couple of days but then I got lazy. I had to figure out a way to get my lunches and use my time wisely without spending most of my week cooking meals. I decided to start meal prepping.

Now I love variety in my food so I decided to just prep my lunches. I would pick 2 meats at the beginning of the week that I wanted to eat. Then I would decide on a couple of starches. Finally I would pick a couple of veggies to compliment the meals. I would mix up the different meats, starches, and veggies in Tupperware containers. That way I would have a variety of lunches. When I prepared the lunched I would try to add a dairy and a fruit. This way I was having a good balanced lunch and they were all prepared so I could just easily put them into my bag. Then in the morning I just grab my bag in the fridge and walk out the door. Not only did I find myself saving a lot of money, but I also found that I was losing weight! Before I thought I would spend most of my week cooking but doing the meal preps, I’m only spending one evening cooking so it is saving me time during the week that I can use on unwinding after work. Eating out is great but I found great benefits in meal prepping. May not be for everyone but it is definitely something you could try out. Most people only work 5 days a week so you’re only making 5 meals. Average person spends $10 for a meal. 10 x 5 = $50 a week. $50 x 4 = $200 a month. 200 x 12 = $2400 you could of spent on an awesome tropical vacation. So think about it, try it out, have fun with it! Make it an event! Feel free to follow up and let us know what your results are!


Example of a weekly menu:

1 meatloaf, broccoli, mash potatoes

2 chicken, green beans, pasta

3 meatloaf, Brussel sprouts, rice

4 chicken, broccoli, mash potatoes

5 meatloaf, broccoli, pasta

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